Ministers License

INTERNATIONAL MINISTERIAL LICENSE is a global recommendation and an authentic credential for minsters of the gospel/servants of God. It is an Apostolic authorization to carry out Ministerial duties globally. The License comes with a certificate and a security embossed Minister’s Identification Card.


To have the International Ministers LICENSE, you must be a Minister of the Gospel or Church leader who has raised or is raising a people of passion for God and compassion for souls with utmost zeal for kingdom exploits.

  • To have the IMC license, your values must include WORSHIP, WARFARE, FELLOWSHIP EVANGELISM, ENLISTMENT, SERVICE to humanity, etc.
  • All IMC License applicants MUST be subjected to thorough screening and verification before the IMC License is issued to them.

God bless you.



Becoming a member of the International Ministerial Council has a lot of benefits among which are but NOT limited to the following:

Providing fellowship at the highest Spiritual level. Matthew 17:1—

Periodical trainings for all IMC members and ministries to keep their ministers on the cutting edge of ministerial exploits globally. (It was discovered in the course of the interview that many ministers have abandoned the place of personal development vis-à-vis trainings). Our platform takes care of that.

Ministers are able to meet occasionally for the purpose of fellowship with God and one another in an atmosphere of love, Word-based prayers, praise and sound Biblical teachings. Mobilize global prayer for all IMC members. IMC is a global prayer force for supernatural results. Members spiritual and physical needs/ problems are tackled with the sense of urgency.

Oversight function of the International Ministerial Council is one benefit to those we consecrate and who are possessors of the I.M.C. International Ministerial Licence.  So the IMC Apostolic oversight functions will ensure sound doctrinal practices.

Networking with other ministers globally is a major part of the I.M.C. Platform.  An open door for International connections for ministerial exploits.  (Ministerial opportunities).

Your spiritual and physical capacities will increase in collaboration with other anointed IMC Ministers and leaders working together to impact our world for Christ( Proverbs 27:17; Psalm 133)

Guide IMC members to achieve strategic ministry and church growth.

Speaking as one. Upholding the integrity of the Word of God by jointly defending Christianity which is facing a serious attack in Nigeria and beyond.

Every member is committed to being his brother’s keeper.

Using the IMC seal which is an authority to endorse your international outreaches, programs, books, etc.

IMC stand ready to assist by coming alongside in a pastoral or advisory role to individuals, Churches and ministries dealing with crises or complex problems. Rather than taking a top- down approach, we shall stand beside you during times of crisis, and possibly give free legal representation when necessary.

IMC can without any doubt write letters to embassies or any international organizations on behalf of a LICENSED member. The IMC international seal is an authority on its own.

Welfare and financial support for genuine and committed members. That’s is why we do not relent in screening and doing background checks.

Partnership with IMC for the common goal of doing exploits in God’s kingdom.  Some of you have the gifts/grace but no platform to use. Others have the platforms but lack the content, hence IMC has presented itself to balance it by God’s grace.

IMC can be a heartbeat of your ministry. It depends on your commitment as a member.

Fill Ministry Positions, whether you are seeking a qualified minister to join your team or seeking a new ministry opportunity, IMC can provide confidential referrals.

Your spiritual and physical capacities will increase in collaboration with other anointed IMC Ministers and leaders working together to impact our world for Christ( Proverbs 27:17; Psalm 133)

With the increase of false prophets, false teachers and deceitful workers in churches today, Government agencies and private institutions are increasingly requiring authentication of your role as a true Minister of God. IMC provides members with recognized: Associate membership Certificate, Ordination Certificate, Ecclesiastical Authority( for Apostles & Bishops), International Ministers License, and Church/ Ministry Affiliations Certificate.

And MANY other benefits not listed here.


“International Ministerial Council, USA, is a godly institution for the promotion of biblically based training of Ministers of the Gospel. It is a place with the vision of fulfilling the divine mandate of the great commission. Be part of IMC if your plan is to obey the Master’s mandate”.  (Emeka Ekeke)

“I think this organisation is very good for Ministers of the Gospel to work together as an entity am to carry the gospel to the utmost ends of the earth”.(KingJerry Anselem Uzoma)

“It is a godly vision that will glorify God because through this ministry the great commission will be fulfilled. I want to partake in the training”.  (Emmanuel Nwachukwu)

 “It is an organization that is focused towards delivering souls from darkness to light. To achieve this, IMC trains, equips, ordains, certifies, and licenses ministers to reach out with the gospel of truth and salvation winning souls into God’s Kingdom business through Christ Jesus redemptive work”.  (Marshall Okezie Joseph)

“Great people doing great things for our God.  I salutes the integrity and dedication of this movement”.  (Emmanuel Olalekan Amusan) 

“True Spiritual Leadership is born in the presence of God, at the place of Prayer. The most determinant place in the Universe is the place of Prayer. I.M.C. prides itself as a platform for relentless prayers”.  (Chief Apostle M. A.)

“Great men of faith are now old and taking a bow. We are the next in line. When you are licensed, it simply means that the trust of his gospel has been committed into your hands and, it must not fail. So what do you do with it? Take it as though your life depends on it and your last breathe depends solely on it because it surely does. It must not fail! Have a deep reflection on the task ahead. Reflect on your higher calling. Study Prophecies from the scriptures and know what time we are according to God’s calendar, and his purpose according to his will according to his plans. Thank you.”   (Shobo Okikiolu Henry)